söndag 15 maj 2016

Week 8 - UPS installation finalized


Our time here in Kolandoto has come to an end, eight weeks has passed since we first arrived in Tanzania and oh have we experienced a bunch. Neither me nor Simon were sure what to expect when we first arrived in Dar es Salaam the 20th Mars but we are very happy with the outcome of our stay. We have meet a lot of amazing people, seen things we’d never thought we would see and perhaps the most important outcome; having to install a power back-up system for a hospital facing urgent difficulties. Since this post is the last post me and Simon will give we ought it to be time for a summary of our work.

We have installed 3 separated UPS:es which feeds the most critical loads at the hospital along with a total capacity of 3500 W solar power. The following pictures gets sum up the project.

Prior to installation in Eye theater
Eye theater after installation
Eye theater
Maternity ward prior to installation
Maternity ward after installation
Maternity ward
General theater prior to installation

General theater after installation
On top of general theater with the maternity ward in the background
Thank you so much for reading, hope you enjoyed!
- Martin & Simon

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