måndag 9 maj 2016

Week 7 - Loads of load testings


Another week has passed here in Kolandoto, me and Simon has for the last couple of days spent a ridiculous amount of time testing the UPS:es. The systems has proven to be much more robust than we intended them to be, which is a good thing! For instance, on a sunny day the eye theater is close to self-sustained and almost the same thing goes for the UPS in the maternity ward. We are currently evaluating what the most efficient way would be to load the UPS:es even more. 

Though we are not leaving yet for another 9 days we had a final meeting with the staff of the hospital. We figured it would be a nice way to round off our stay here with a presentation of what we actually have been doing. As far as we reckon, the presentation was appreciated though we realized half way in that most people don't understand english. We got some help with the translation to Swahili and got to answer some questions, so we believe it worked out fine.

Staff of Kolandoto Hospital
Simon approves
The hospital kitchen where we buy our chapati bread

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed!
- Martin

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