söndag 17 april 2016

Week 4 - Solar panels and gratitude


Im having a hard time believing we actually been in Kolandoto for four weeks now, which also means 50 % of our total stay has passed. Week four has been exciting, all solar panels are installed and almost all wiring and equipments are installed in the General- and Maternity theater. Unfortunately the inverters for the General- and Maternity theater are delayed and will first arrive to Kolandoto after me and Simon leaves (which we knew when we contracted the company). The option would be to have another brand of inverter instead, though this would result in a significant increased cost. And since we are on a tight budget, we choose to go ahead with the delayed delivery option.

We have also got the time this week to do some testing of the finalized system in the eye theater. The UPS is working as intended and has already been practically used two times. Feels incredible to deliver a product and see it in full motion the very same week. The doctors and personnel are very grateful. 

The following pictures gets to sum up this week.

Prepared structure for the solar panels ready for mounting
 Picture take from the top of the general theater with the maternity ward in the background

Without further ado, the solution for attachment

Kolandoto Hospital

Hope you enjoyed reading!
- Martin 

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